About Us

Our Group's Mission Statement

Commbax's ultimate goal is to be a "One-Stop Total Integrated Solution Provider" in providing the latest state-of-art technology and up to date information to all our clients and business partners.

We adhere to give full confidence to our clients and business partners in terms of professionalism in our services, quality and superiority of products, systems technical knowledge and support.


Hand in hand, we strive to attain our corporate and business goals and objectives through:-
  • Constantly working and pursuing "EXCELLENCE" in all aspects of our business.
  • Continuously seek and improve our services and products to keep up with the trend and changes in the society requirements.
  • Continuously maintain and improve our position and responsibility as an understanding corporate partner and employer.
  • Do our best to place Commbax amongst the major players in the near future.
  • Cultivating "Customer Comes First" in all our business to assure that our all customers' request and requirements and fulfilled.

We are committed to be your no 1 partner in today’s IT and AV system integration solution industry.


We always believe that "Success is never final, and failure is never fatal, it is courage that counts".

With the years of experiences in same service provider line, although Commbax is still new in this industry, we believe that success does not come with one mind, but in a team with great minds.

For our team to serve our skills and experiences to the nation and throughout all nearby Asian countries, we strive to be the "Center of Excellence", highlighting our core business of design and development in high tech as well as high precision of product integrations.