E Litter Cat Toilet Sand

E Litter Cat Toilet Sand adopt the best quality bentonite as raw material. The most advanced technology and equipment make our bentonite cat toilet sand have the best condensation and deodorization effect. More easier and convenient for cleaning.

  • Super Condensation, Strong Deodorant
    Using 100% natural sodium bentonite for producing the cat toilet sand, cat feces will be clumped very quickly.

  • Low Dust, Green and Environmental Protection
    Our company adopt the advanced dust remove process and high temperature sterilization process from abroad with pure natural sodium bentonite for production.

  • Consumption Saving and Natural Fragrance
    The cat toilet sand particles are even thickness via scientific design. Both consumption saving half and not easily brought out of the basin. Using a new cat toilet sand, occasionally cat maybe has some rejection and it's normal. Please be assured to use. If it lasts for a long time, please mix the previous cat toilet sand a small amount into the new one, and the situation will disappear.

Super Clumping


Anti Bacterial


Save Cost


99.9% Dust Free


Eco-friendly Environment


Activated Carbon