Consumer Products


E Clean

Wash fruit & vegetable, keep them cleaner and fresher and make them even more delicious


E Care

e-care CIO2 anti-bacteria and virus solution has such a wide spectrum of uses.


E Stone

The E-Stone Handheld Shower Head is unique handheld shower head system comprised of 3 different mineralized stones.

EOSG 7plus


Living a balanced health with Ionizer Alkaline Water

Carrot Goji Berry

Carrot Goji Berry

The great daily food remedy for digital addicts and office workers.

Hair&Body Shampoo

Hair & Body Shampoo

For healthy-looking skin, you need a great shower bath that re-energize as well as clean.

Pet Products


E Litter

E Litter Cat Toilet Sand adopt the best quality bentonite as raw material.

Cats & Dogs Shampoo

Cats & Dogs Shampoo

Specially formulate to relieve itchy and dry skin problem.

Cats & Dogs Shampoo

Cats & Dogs Perfume

To improve your pet’s unpleasant odor, use anytime, anywhere - compact, portable size is perfect to take along on walks.

Pet Care

Pet Care

Pet Trainer & Pet Repellent

Cat Food

Cat Food

Our formula has been created to deliver nutrition suitable for your cat’s health needs.Fortified nutrition for cats > 1 year old.

Pet Ear Cleaser

Pet Ear Cleanser

Pet Ear Cleanser formulation for pet health.