Tofu Beads Cat Litter

Tofu Beads Cat Litter

Product Information
  • Low-tracking pellet litter is a 99.9% dust-free formula that Guarantees Clean floors & Feet.
  • One bag of mess-minimizing E-Tofu Cat Litter lasts up to one month and offers an alternative to clay litter.
  • Unscented litter pellets make scooping a bearable task and allows quick & easy litter box maintenance.
  • Easy clean litter pellets are designed to work with the Tidy Cats E-Tofu Cat Litter system (sold separately) & are packaged in a convenient bag for easy storage.

Reasons to use E-Tofu Cat Litter
  • Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

    Made using eco-friendly components such as bean-curd and cornstarch, E- Tofu Cat Litter is 100% biodegradable, making it safe to flush down the toilet & can be used as garden fertilizer.

  • More Comfort for You & Your Cat

    E-Tofu Cat Litter helps create smaller, solid clumps, making it easier to scoop. Cat owners will also notice less tracking, & Cats will enjoy an ultra-soft texture that is more comfortable for their sensitive paws.


How To Use
  • Fill the litter box with 2/3 of previous cat litter and 1/3 of E-Tofu Cat Litter
  • Increase the proportion of E-Tofu Cat Litter gradually until the previous litter is completely replaced. (This is to enable the cat to get familiar with the E-Tofu Cat Litter)
  • After the adjustment period, pour E-Tofu Cat Litter to a depth of 2” to 2.7” (5cm to 8cm).
  • Clumps will form after the cat uses the litter box to urinate. Remove solid waste & clumps daily.
  • The solid waste & clumps can be flushed down the toilet or disposed into a trash bin.

  • Do not use this product for any purpose other than cat urine & cat feces.
  • Stored this products in a humid-free environment for better absorbency.
  • Your toilet may clog if you throw a large amount of cat litter simultaneously.
  • E-Tofu Cat Litter is compatible with regular litter boxes & self-cleaning litter boxes. DO NOT use this product with self-washing litter box.