E Litter Toilet Sand

E Litter Cat Toilet Sand

E Litter Toilet Sand adopt the best quality bentonite as raw material. The most advanced technology and equipment make our bentonite cat toilet sand have the best condensation and deodorization effect. more easier and convient for cleaning.

Super Condensation, Strong Deodorant

Using 100% natural sodium bentonite for producing the cat toilet sand, cat feces will be clumped very quickly.

Low Dust, Green and Environmental Protection

Our company adopt the advanced dust removal processes and high temperature sterlization process from abroad with pure natural sodium bentonite for production.

Consumption Saving And Natural Fragrance

The cat toilet sand particles are even thickness via scientific design. Both consumption saving half and not easily brought out of the basin. Using a new cat toilet sand, occasional cat maybe has some rejection and it's normal. Please be assured to use, if it lasts for a long time, please mix the previous cat toilet sand a small amount into the new one, and this situation will disappear.

How To Use

  1. Paving a clean cat toilet sand basin about 8-10cm with the E Litter cat toilet sand.
  2. When cats exdrete, E Litter cat toilet sand can absorb the liquid quickly. And then condense in a short times. It's easy to be scooped.
  3. Clean up the cluster in the cat toilet sand basin in time. Do not clean it with water.
  4. Keep the thickness of cat toilet sand in the basin at least 8cm and exchange the new cat toilet sand per month.

The Cat Toilet Sand Cleaning Methold

  1. If it smells bad, it means that the absorption of the cat toilet sand has been saturated. Please exchange the new cat toilet sand or add the deodorant powder for extending the using time.
  2. The used cat toilet sand is not recyclable. Please put used cat toilet sand in a sealed bag, and throw away into the unreclable dustbin. Please do not litter.
  3. E Litter cat toilet sand use natural raw materials. Digging and burying will not cause any environmental damange.